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Entry Level Oil and Gas Seismic Jobs

Entry level seismic oil and gas jobs are positions that work with the seismic drilling crew to acquire data produced by explosions and vibrations created by shooting dynamite into shot holes drilled for that purpose. The data is analyzed according to standard geological science in order to determine if a given drilling prospect is one likely to find oil.  Jobs range from cutting down trees and brush, laying down phone lines, drilling shot holes, shooting the dynamite, to recording of the data produced by the explosions underground. 

Entry Level Oil and Gas Seismic Job Descriptions

• Jug Helper/Jug Hustler/Jughound - Jughounds lays down cables and geophones, which involves a lot of clearing and digging. Pay is hourly with a lot of overtime; must work in all kinds of weather, lift over 55lbs (25kg).
• Line Slasher - Slashers cut and clear trees along seismic lines. Tools used include chainsaws and safety gear. Pay is either hourly or paid by the meter cleared.
• Recording Crew Helper - Assists the recording of seismic data created by the dynamite or seismic vibrator.
• Seismic Helper - Assists the Seismic driller in drilling shot holes to drop dynamite into in order to generate seismic data that helps find oil.
• Seismic Shooter - Drops the dynamite into the shot hole created to generate seismic data
• Seismic Vibrator Operator


Wages for entry-level seismic jobs run from 45 to 60k

Getting an Oil and Gas Seismic Job

If working on one of these rigs appeals to your sense of adventure, you can learn how to apply and where to submit your resume for hundreds of available seismic oil and gas jobs using Rigworker and The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit.

If you are able to meet the job requirements and want to join a highly motivated oil pipeline crew, you can apply with Rigworker for entry level oil and gas seismic jobs.

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