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Entry Level Oil Well Services Jobs

Once an oil rig is drilled and producing, it becomes a production well that needs serviced on a regular basis. Oil service rigs are deployed to this purpose, and with them, service oil rig jobs.  Entry level well servicing jobs include many of the same job description used for drilling rigs apply as well to service rigs. Entry level well servicing jobs assist with routine functions including rigging and slinging loads lifted and moved by cranes; well perforation, tubing, pulling,
treatment and wireline functions, or with general clean up. They may also drive trucks to and from the sites.

Oil Well Service Job Descriptions

Oil Well Service OperatorOperates pumps and equipment used for blending to cement, fracture or acidize oil wells and permeable rock; provides instructions to the oil well service operator helper; monitors pressure gauges and meters to assure quality and regulate pump pressure.  Performs maintenance on equipment and vehicles.

Oil Well Service Operator Helper - Assists Oil Well Service Operator  in the controlled blending of solutions used to treat oil wells and permeable rock; assembles pumping equipment and pipes; blends solutions as required from cement, treating materials and acids; per instructions opens valves to add solution to the well.  Breaks down equipment and loads onto truck after service operation complete.

Service Rig Roustabouts - Cleans, paints, moves and handles supplies; see full description here.

Service Rig Roughnecks - Roughnecks work on drill rig deck handling sections of drill pipe, moves oil rigs, handles spills, drives, helps maintain equipment. See full description here.

Driver - Drivers are responsible for the transport of supplies and equipment to and from the oil rig camp. Must be able to drive on dirt roads in what can be very bad weather.

Driver's Assistant - Also called a Swamper; the Driver's Assistant helps load and unload trucks and provides breaks to the truck driver on the road, cleans the truck and assists on the loading docks.


Wages for entry-level oil well service jobs run from 45 to 65k

Getting an Oil Well Service Job

If working on one of these rigs appeals to your sense of adventure, you can learn how to apply and where to submit your resume for hundreds of available seismic oil and gas jobs using Rigworker and The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit.

If you are able to meet the job requirements and want to join a highly motivated well servicing crew, you can apply with Rigworker for entry level oil well services jobs.

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