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Entry Level Pipeline Jobs

Entry level oil pipeline jobs are responsible positions for ensuring the upkeep and maintenance of oil pipelines. All over the world, pipelines serve a critical function of getting oil from the point where it is taken out of the ground to the point where it is refined into retail products.  Pipelines need designed, built and maintained, and there are a variety of jobs from entry level to advanced to meet these requirements.  Pipeline jobs involve cleaning, routine general maintenance such as painting and snow removal, cutting grass, inspecting and of course pipelaying and fitting. 

Entry Level Oil Pipeliner Job Descriptions

  • Pipeliner - performs all the general maintenance required for the upkeep of the pipeline. Duties include rust removal, painting with anti-corrosive paint, clearing brush, laying pipe, operating heavy equipment, and other duties as required.
  • Pipelaying fitter - responsible for ensuring the pipes are fitted and aligned correctly before welded together. Directs crane operators in laying and adjusting of pipe. 
  • Pipeline walker - Walks and drives with an SUV along the pipeline inspecting for leaks, making small repairs, reporting large leaks to the head office, and ensuring that the pipeline is in good condition. Much of the work is in wilderness areas

Other Pipeline Jobs

• Maintenance Utility Worker
• Painter
• Pipeline Maintenance Worker
• Pipeline Rehabilitation Worker
• Station Helper
• Terminal Helper


Wages for entry-level Pipeline jobs run from 45 to 60k

Getting an Oil Pipeline Job

If working on one of these rigs appeals to your sense of adventure, you can learn how to apply and where to submit your resume for hundreds of available pipeline jobs using Rigworker or The Oil and Gas Jobs Resource Kit.

If you are able to meet the job requirements and want to join a highly motivated oil pipeline crew, you can apply with Rigworker for entry level oil pipeline jobs.

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