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Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs - Work On The Last Frontier

Entry level oil rig jobs are some of the most exciting opportunities available, and the great thing is, no experience is required.  If you want to work in the oil patch, and have the determination to make it happen and the willingness to work harder than you ever have, you can not only get hired, but rapidly move up the oil drilling career ladder. In just a few short years, you could be leading an oil rig crew and pulling down a salary that most can only dream of. At the Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs website, we'll show you how.  

For entry level oil rigs jobs, most people think of roustabout and roughneck, or floormen, positions. However, there are many more positions to consider, as well as sectors in the industry. Above and beyond drilling and exploration, oil well servicing, production and operations, oil pipeline transport, and seismic all have their own unique requirements and opportunities for entry level positions.  

In the field, in addition to drill crew positions, there are opportunites for truck drivers, mechanics, and heavy equipment operators in just about every oil field operation,  as well as those with transferable experience in a number of different fields, to find work in the oil industry. The industry is huge, and their are a variety of ways one can start working in or near the fields. 

Peak oil is a reality - production in 75% of the world's major oil fields are declinging at 6.7% a year. The need for drilling and exploration has never been greater, and this spells a fantastic opportunity for those who want to get in on the ground floor of the impending push of what will become the greatest surge in oil drilling and exploration in history.

At the same time we are hitting peak oil, the worlds energy companies are facing a tremendous shortage of workers. Over 50% of the current energy work force will be retiring over the next 10 years, spelling a shortage of experienced hands that will send wages through the roof. There has never been a better time time to get into the oil industry!

Imagine having a job that let you take 6 months a year off...guaranteed overtime...fantastic pay and opportunities...traveling to exciting locations all over the world. This is the world of oil drilling and exploration, and it can be your world too.

At Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs, we'll give you everything you need to get hired in one of the most exciting and adventurous industries anywhere. The pulse-pounding thrill of pounding several miles into the earth's crust operating multi-million dollar machinery simply has no equal.

These are the jobs that move the world - without oil, civilization would simply stop. Don't wait another day to begin the work adventure of a lifetime!  

From the oil patch,

Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs

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